The experience acquired by TPS in the molding of articles in platinum silicone from customer's design and the care with which each piece is manufactured, has made it the ideal supplier for food companies who want to build silicone components suitable for food contact.

From cake tins to baking tins, from tools to containers, each piece in platinum silicone LSR and HTV printed by TPS is guaranteed for food contact and can be used both at low and high temperatures.

Post curing and silicone certified for aliments.

The quality of each component in platinum silicone intended for the food sector also passes by the certifications and the post-curing process. The silicone used by TPS for injection molding or compression is certified in accordance with current European and international standards and is guaranteed for food contact.

The post-curing process which is implemented on the individual piece, however, increases the degree of safety, thoroughly cleaning the material and ensuring the absence of volatile and harmful substances even when the article is subjected to particularly high temperatures.

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